The Daily Ocean

Bring passion, inspiration, knowledge, and a deep love of the ocean to your school, community organization, or business!

Founder Sara Bayles has collected over 1,300 pounds of trash off her local beach, 20 minutes at a time through her beach cleanup project The Daily Ocean. Her efforts have inspired hundreds of people to do their own Daily Ocean style cleanups. Together they've taken over a TON of trash from beaches worldwide and they're still going! 

Having already reached thousands of people at schools, non-profits and businesses she inspires, motivates and empowers people to understand what they can do to make a difference. Click the JOIN ME tab or email for more information about presentations for your community. 


"Sara is extraordinary proof that one person armed with determination and purpose can change the world. A compelling and down-to-earth environmental activist, her work not only changes coastal conditions, it touches hearts and changes minds."

-Maria Calleia, BBC and Lonely Planet TV Producer of "California Adventure"


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